Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Halfway through week 3

This morning I did my weekly weigh in, and came down 0.6kg (just over a pound) since last week. I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed in that, because I've been really good with my eating and dieting this week. But, I'm going to try and not let it discourage me too much. At least it's a positive (or should I rather say negative?) result :)

I once again did the shoulder stabilization exercises this morning - together with day 5, this is one of the tougher exercises of the week. It focuses on the small muscles around your shoulders, and ending the session with push-ups doesn't help either! My whole upper body is now shaking hehe - at least it feels like I actually did something!

It's also the only exercise in the first phase that is done by Tom and not Sam - hehe, my favourite quote from this workout is "Enough of that!".

Anyway, after weighing I wasn't all too pleased with my measly 0.6kg, but now after the workout I have decided to just carry on what I'm doing. The 24 Fit DVD series is a 24 week regimen after all, and it's only been 2 and a half weeks so far.

I guess I must also keep in mind that phase 1 focuses on smaller muscles, so I shouldn't realistically expect much in terms of weight loss. I'm now going to have a Rebuild Strength as a recovery shake, always look forward to that, they taste amazing, and you just mix it with water!

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