Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 24 Fit DVD Coaches

I haven't properly introduced the two coaches in the Herbalife 24 Fit DVD Workout Series.

Samantha Clayton
Sam is an athlete and fitness instructor. She's a Olympic level sprinter, and took part in the 2000 summer Olympics in Sydney, where she did the 200m sprint, as well as the 4x100m relay:

Here are some links:

Samantha Clayton's website
Samantha Clayton on Facebook
Samantha Clayton on Twitter

Tom Holland
Tom is an exercise physiologist, and the author of various books and video workouts. He's also an elite endurance athlete, and has run over 50 marathons, and is a 19-time Ironman triathlete and has won several bodybuilding awards.

Here are some links for Tom's sites and social media:

Tom Holland's website
Tom Holland on Twitter
Tom Holland on Facebook

As you can see, some awesome experience for the series! Having lots of fun with it!

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