Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 3 Done and Dusted

I'm happy to report that I completed week 3 as well. I just want to mention, however, that I skipped Friday for some reason (the day just completely got away from me), so I did Friday's exercises (Metabolic 1) on Saturday, with the idea of doing Saturday's exercises on Sunday (which is Total Body Integration). Sunday also turned out to be a dud. I did get to do that yesterday though, so I still managed to complete week 3 successfully :D

My wife also joined in yesterday with the Total Body Integration (lots of squats and planking exercises) and today I can really feel that I've worked my glutes!

For good measure, I have also been drinking lots of Herbalife's Instant Herbal Beverage (we also call it Thermo) - at least 4 cups a day (I actually make it with cold water and gulp it down as quickly as I can!). It is well known for the fact that it burns between 60 and 80 calories per cup (it generates heat in the body they say...), which is an awesome fat burning tea. Needless to say, I also have loads of energy thanks to the tea!

I almost did my full body analysis last week again, but decided to wait until the end of the month like I initially planned. I cannot wait to see the results!

I started week 4 officially today, which is a rest week (that's how the program works, 3 phases of 8 weeks each, and every 4th week is a rest week) - so I'm almost halfway through phase 1, and I'm now in the rest week. I'm not doing anything today, and tomorrow I'll be doing the Metabolic 1 exercises.

They say it is super important, even for absolute pro athletes, to have rest days in each week, and a rest week in each 4 week cycle.

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