Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 3

I did day 1's exercises this morning - AFTER VISITING THE DENTIST!! Just shows you how dedicated I am to get through the whole 24 weeks hey :)

Once again it went well, I'm slowly starting to do what the level 2 girl is doing on screen. I'm also happy to report that this exercise program has gotten me more motivated to eat much better again. Initially, I lost 11kg in 12 weeks, after which my weight loss slowed down a bit, but after that I dropped another 5kg in about 4-5 months. Not shabby at all, considering us going back to relative normal eating (specifically eating out more and so on...).

So, I've been on the 16kg mark for quite a while, and actually gained a few kilos (luckily not everything back again) over the last year. We are excellent examples of comfort eaters, the wife and I, so whenever we have a crappy day, we indulge with Death by Chocolate ice creams, or are too lazy to prepare decent food, so we order take aways.

Anyway, since I started doing the exercise thing properly with the Herbalife 24 Fit DVD series, I decided to start eating better as well. I have a clear goal this time around - I finally want to hit my goal weight (which at this stage is around 75kg) - but the weight for me isn't the most important thing. If I feel good and am healthy, and the Tanita readings are satisfactory for me (for example, my first target is to get my body fat percentage under 20%, my last Tanita reading was just under 23%), then I won't really mind at which weight I am.

That is also something we always tell our customers - if they ask what their ideal weight is for their height and body structure, then I reply with it not being about how much you weigh, but how you look and feel for yourself. If my body fat percentage was 15%, and I weighed 100kg because of a high muscle mass, then I wouldn't be bothered about the scale at all. In the end, it's about being healthy and feeling good.

I'll end this post with one last thought - at my first Herbalife Extravaganza in 2011, one of the Herbalife doctors (can't remember his name I'm sorry to admit...) mentioned something that really stuck with me - he said: "Everybody dies in the end, but there is a huge difference between dying in bad health, and dying in good health." That is such a true statement, we'll all die one day, but I'd much rather die in GOOD health than in bad health, and luckily a lot of how we age is in our own hands. And it all starts with you wanting to make a change - that is exactly the same way I started. I made the decision, and boy am I glad I did!

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