Sunday, August 10, 2014

My return

I have been absent from this blog for quite some time! A lot has happened since I last blogged here - we moved to a new house and we have a baby on the way (to name but a few!). Life has been pretty hectic to say the least! But, we're now settled in the new place, and our boy is just under two months away.

With all the craziness of the last year or so, I've been a bit less good in terms of my eating habits and physical activities than I should have. Naturally that caused me to gain a few things, like a percentage or 4 of body fat, a few kilos on the scale an so on.

I am, however, back on track - I started taking the awesome Herbalife products a lot more seriously from the beginning of last week, but it was a bit of a slow start (still had some cheating going on - we just HAD to try the local pizza place of course, and I overestimated how much pizza their large servings actually had, so it was enough for two days!).

When I started though, I did my full Tanita Body Analysis reading, and I was a bit disappointed with the stats, but I knew that was to be expected. A week later I did them again, and, even with all the cheating going on, I'm very happy with the first week's results:

Sunday 3 August:

Body Fat Percentage - 24.6%
Body Water Percentage - 52.9%
Muscle Mass - 64.5kg
Physique rating - 2
Basal Metabolic Rate - 2009kcal
Metabolic Age - 47
Visceral Fat - 9

Sunday 10 August:

Body Fat Percentage - 24.1%  (down 0.5%)
Body Water Percentage - 53% (up 0.1%)
Muscle Mass - 65.4kg (up 0.9kg - this explains the actual weight gain I experienced!)
Physique rating - 2 (no change)
Basal Metabolic Rate - 2036kcal (up with about 25kcal)
Metabolic Age - 46 (down 1 year)
Visceral Fat - 8 (down 1 and into the healthy range)

Overall improvements - yay!

I have been on Herbalife now for almost 3 years, and I'm still amazed at how well the products work if you take them properly! Last week, I made a real effort to have 2-3 cups of Instant Herbal Beverage per day (each cup burns 70-80kcal remember!), lots of water, 2 Formula 1 Healthy Meal shakes a day with some extra protein powder, and healthy snacks in between (fruit, yogurt, almonds, awesome Herbalife Protein Bars, etc).

I tried cutting out things like bread, pastries, sugar (except for my first cup of tea for the day - 1.5 brown sugars in that), potatoes, rice, pasta - but yes, that didn't go as well as it could have.

Some of my cheat meals included: Chicken and Leek pie, pizza with lots of cheese, a mozzarella toasted sandwich or two (with no butter though), a scone and a few rusks here and there. Also a cider or two...

This week I'm going to start jogging again, and try to be even better, especially with those cheat meals and snacks!