My Body Analysis

I started with the Herbalife 24 Fit DVD exercise series on Tuesday 26 February. This page will be to track my progress, and I will be logging my body analysis readings here:

Date Body Fat % Weight Body Water % Muscle Mass Metabolic Age Visceral Fat
28 Feb 22.7% 84kg 54.4% 62.4kg 41 7
7 Mar 83.8kg
14 Mar 83.2kg
21 Mar 83.0kg
24 Apr 82.8kg

What do these readings mean?

Body fat percentage
speaks for itself, it's the amount of fat you have in your body. Here is a chart showing what percentage you should have:

(click on the image to make it bigger)

I'm 30 at the moment, so you can see where I'm at :)

Body water percentage - our bodies consist mostly out of water, and a good range for guys is 60-65%, and 50-55%. Now, drinking water until you're blue in the face won't make a difference - the only way to increase this value is by bringing down your body fat percentage.

Metabolic age - this is the age at which your body is currently functioning at. Ideally, it should at least be the same as your age, but as you get more healthy and lose more weight, this can be even lower than your actual age.

Lastly, visceral fat - this is the bad one, especially for guys. Visceral fat is the fat that sits in your trunk area around your organs. High visceral fat is really bad, because that's the culprit that causes things like high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Here's a chart of what it should be:

Mine is luckily already in the "healthy" section - but before I started with Herbalife, it was 12!

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